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The First Quarter - A 25-year history of video games by Steven L. Kent

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Preface by Peter Molyneux (Designer of POPULPUS and BLACK AND WHITE)
Quaters. To millions of people back in the early 1980's, the quarter was the most important unit of money. The reason is simple: it took a quarter to play a video game. And then, a few minutes later, you needed another quarter. And thus, the video game industry was born with a massive intake of billions of quarters.

This book is all about the industry that spawned from the almighty quarter and the public's fascination with the new medium of entertainment. Today there are very few companies around that existed during the Golden Age of the video game; but because of their perseverance and stamina, they are the companies that create the majority of today's video games - Namco, Midway, Sega, and Nintendo.

The video game industry today is massive, with revenues that equal or better the movie industry. But most people don't know where this industry came from, who the major players were, what went on behind the scenes at the most important companies. and how and why certain games were created in the first place.

The First Quarter is the best video game history book I've ever come across as it describes the personalities behind the creation of many legendary games and doesn't just stop at the programmers and designers, but goes on to describe the executives involved as well. In short, The First Quarter brings you a definitive overview of how it all started.
John Romero
(Founder of Ion Storm)


argorTop Reviewer (Level 6), Score: 119425, 02.08.2003: 79%, Review Score: 3395, 7 Bewertungen396x gelesen
"'A 25-Year History of Video Games' verspricht der Einband großspurig, einlösen kann der Text zwischen den Klappen dies aber nur in Bezug auf den US-Markt..."
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